Quattro™ Air with Headgear , Small

Quattro™ Air with Headgear , Small





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Quattro Air - The lighter way to better sleep

Quattro Air is one of the lightest full face masks on the market. Weighing significantly less than its predecessor, it has a lighter, sleeker, simpler and less bulky design. Because it builds on the proven reliability and performance of Mirage Quattro, you can be confident it will deliver a reliable and comfortable therapy experience.

Lighter, sleeker, simpler

    • 45% lighter than the Mirage Quattro

    • Smaller facial footprint does not feel heavy on the face

Quiet, comfortable seal for uninterrupted sleep

    • Circular diffused vents gently directs away you and your bed partner for a quiet sleep

    • Dual-wall cushion seals comfortably at sensitive nasal bridge area

    • Flex-wing forehead support auto-adjusts and features wide range of adjustment for the perfect fit

Fewer parts, fewer hassles

  • The mask only consist of four parts, which is the fewest of any leading full face mask. This makes it easy to use and clean on a regular basis

  • Quick-release elbow allows for easy detachment from your device without having to take off the mask