Headgear For The ResMed Swift FX Bella Gray

Headgear For The ResMed Swift FX Bella Gray





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ResMed Swift™ FX Bella replacement headgear assembly. 1 pair

Style and design with you in mind

- Soft, light weight design with minimal facial contact promotes early therapy acceptance.

- Exclusive bella loops fit comportably around the ears and stay out of hair for a streamlined looked and feel.

- Specialized fit range for men and women.

Freedom to move and sleep on the side

- Soft narrow cushion makes side sleeping more comfortable.

- Spring-flex lightweight tube stretches and bends easily  for increased stability.

- Flexible pillow accommodate movement multiple directions while maintaining a stable seal.

Intuitive fit

- Virtually instant fitting with minimal adjustment saves valuable time.

- Straightforward assembly with few parts allows for quick and convenient cleaning.

Convenient, quiet comfort

- Quiet vents diffuse and direct airflow quietly and gently away from the patient and sleeping partner.

- Lock and key features allows easy attachement and detachement of Bella loops.

Fitting tip

While the device is turned on, pull the mask away from the face to reinflate the pillows; then adjust the headgear straps.